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Responsive Design and the Modern Web Application

I recently gave a talk on some of the challenges a modern web application faces, and how we (as developers) sometimes make too many assumptions based on screen size. It also covers some of the shortcomings in traditional RWD, and … Continue reading

Responsive Web Design 2.0

Update: this project is now up on GitHub: github.com/mordendk/rwd20 Here at Vertica A/S we’re kicking off the annual Innovation Camp for 2014. My entry was the proposal of RWD2.0 – which tries to improve on the concepts of RWD as … Continue reading

Irma.dk – Raising The Bar With AngularJS

I recently gave a talk on some of the techniques used in developing irma.dk, how AngularJS helped os implement new ideas and extract a lot of complexity. It’s from a local Meetup where I work, so the video is in … Continue reading

Frontend Development Feeds and Newsletters

Hey folks, here’s a list of feeds and newsletters you might find useful – I know I do. They’re mostly personal blogs by dedicated Javascript developers, and the newsletters have kept an excellent standard so far. So in no particular … Continue reading